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Ravindra Sapkal is a Corporate Trainer, Dermatoglyphics Consultant and Career Coach ...

We help you Grow Professionally and Personally through Dermatoglyphics Analysis

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Ravindra Sapkal :

We are on a mission to empower students and employees to create a positive change in our society by working in a right career. We want to empower them with the tool of multiple intelligence and Dermatoglypics.

We believe each person has a unique talent and capability to reach to their highest potential. It can happen only with right guidance and right people in the surrounding.

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Ravindra Sapkal

Ravindra Sapkal

CEO and Founder

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Who Stops Your Career Growth???

Have you ever come across a strange question like this? What does it really mean?

Guess your own answer and compare it with the answer you will get here….


Why, Not To Be NEGATIVE?

Do you consistently get angry? Are you radiating Negative energy? 

How do you know that whether you are a positive or negative person?

A positive person is happy, caring, loving, feels secure and supportive. 


How Great Leaders Are Made?

“Leadership is not about a tittle or a designation. Leadership is about impact, influence and inspiration”  Robin Sharma

If you want to become a great leader, you have to understand that the great leadership is not about your position but it is about your attitude, mindset and serving others.

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