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Who Stops Your Career Growth???

Have you ever come across a strange question like this? What does it really mean?

Guess your own answer and compare it with the answer you will get here…..

One fine day, I met my ex-boss and saught his guidance on a career growth. I shared all the excuses which most employees share when they aren’t growing in a career and when they don’t get the fulfillment out of their job.

He patiently listened to my story and After finishing, he asked me a simple question…….

“It’s your choice and who stops you from growing in a career????”

After discussion, I did self-reflection and SWOT analysis. I asked myself, who is stopping me from growing and having a great career??? My boss gave me the hint that the blockages for growth do exist in our mind.

Sometime, your narrow mindset and limiting thoughts are the problem.

It is true that limiting beliefs hold you back. It is the average and limiting mindset which stops you from growing. The fear of failure keeps many people from achieving their career goals.

There are 3 things which can hamper your career growth…..


“Thoughts create your reality”  Louis Hay

I strongly believe that thoughts shape our decisions and actions. If you don’t have a strong thought, you will never take a strong action. Your growth and progress is decided by the quality of your thoughts.

If someone is influencing your thoughts, it is as good as saying you are giving the control of decisions to others. Listen to others and their opinions but decide on your own.

When you have progressive thoughts, you will make a progress in the career. If you have regressive thoughts, you will stuck in the career path.

So change your thoughts to change your situation if you are facing challenges. I changed my thoughts and adopted possibility thinking towards my career goals. It has given me the confidence not only to write this article, but also to start my Training institute and YouTube channel. Have the positive and progressive thoughts, it helps.


“We don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are”  Anais Nin

You are the product of your thoughts and those thoughts and your total experience shape your perspective. You see the present scenario based on your past action and experience. Experience is subjective and hence may not be true, it may be just your assumption.

It is better to shape your perspective objectively by using the mind power. Mind is a very powerful tool and you should learn how to use it effectively. Mind works on a simple principle, In-out.

Whatever stuff you put IN, you will get same stuff OUT.

If you put negative or bad things in mind, only negative and bad things will be manifested (Garbage In-Garbage Out).

If you put positive and good things in mind, good things will be manifested (Quality In-Quality Out).

I have developed the habit of putting good things in my mind and neglecting the bad ones. I love reading self help books and my reading habit has benefited me in shaping my perspective towards my career.

Read good books and take guidance of experts to shape your perspective about your career. Find out skillsets required for your job role and develop them. Those skills coupled with relevant knowledge will take you to the next level in your career.

Develop a growing perspective for your career.


“You are the product of your Habits” 

Your habits will be shaped by thoughts and a strong will power. Good habits are developed with consistent action. Once you start, it becomes very easy to continue with action because of rewards.

Self-discipline to develop good habits in career is one of the most valuable skills. e.g. Reading, learning (New skills), passionate work and attending seminars etc. Developing these good habits can add an extra mileage in your career growth.

I have developed the habit of attending workshops/seminars on self development arena. The thought “Learning is Growing” gives me the energy to attend at least one workshop in a month. I keep on learning new things about personal development. E.g. Learning about Public speaking has improved my confidence level.

Develop the good habits for growing your career.

Our negative thoughts, average mindset, limiting perspective and bad habits stop us from growing.

Develop a progressive mindset, have positive thoughts, remove limiting perspective to form the good habits.

No one stops you from growing except your limited mindset. Develop growth mindset and be the best version of yourself”


Ravindra Sapkal || Career Coach and Trainer ||

This article is written in my words and put inputs from my friend Mr. Krishna Mahendra. Thanks to Mr. Ram sir for providing the different inputs for the article

Who Stops Your Career Growth???

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