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Why, Not To Be NEGATIVE?

Do you know that negativity affects our body?

Do you consistently get angry? Are you radiating Negative energy? 

How do you know that whether you are a positive or negative person?

A positive person is happy, caring, loving, feels secure and supportive. A negative person is unhappy, uncaring, insecure, tense, complainer and excuser. Consistent negativity and anger produce stress response in your brain and also affect body.

You need to stop being negative before it stops you….

Do you know that negative thoughts and beliefs make people more prone to diseases and suppressing negative emotions further makes matter worse. 

It is better to express your emotions rather than suppressing them.

Research* has shown that negative emotions like depression, consistent anger, unhappiness and loneliness have been linked to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. Its because the energy of thoughts affects the cells by altering the chemicals that make up the cells.

Louise Hay says illness is an indicator of your emotional state which is caused by your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you will dramatically change your quality of life.

The key to positivity and happiness is self love, human connection and finding your passion

How To Stay Positive and Inspired? 

1. Reduce mental stress 

2. Walk in the nature 

3. Eat healthy diet

4. Meet your friends 

5. Work on your passion 

6. Do things which make you happy 

7. Maintain healthy relationship with family members 

8. Always think about positive outcome 

9. Show Gratitude 

10. Help Strangers 

Being in a positive state is your choice and you can exercise it for your own benefit.

Whenever you find yourself in a negative state, just remember the ill effects of negativity and bring that awareness in your mind and you will start experiencing more positive and creative moments.  

Let positivity make noise in your life

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Ravindra Sapkal || Trainer || Career Coach||

*Reference-Article and book by Louise Hay and Mercola

Why, Not To Be NEGATIVE?

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