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What is Career Counselling and different options to select right career ?

What is Career Counselling and different options to select a right career?

“Career counselling is the process of selecting the right career option by knowing one’s interest, skills, talent and other elements of personality. “

As per Gallup research, 80% employees are working in the wrong careers, hence getting the right career guidance is very important.

The right career is built on the various elements of career stregnth. The process should cover these elements of strength.

Working in the right career helps employee to improve the confidence, become more self-aware and developed his strength.

There are four major elements of career growth and career strength-





First element of Career Growth is knowledge. What is knowledge? It has two parts, practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge. 

Practical knowledge can be gained by experience, from subject matter experts and from practical research studies and also from the experience of other professionals.

Theoretical knowledge can be gained by reading books, journals and articles. It is also called as a factual knowledge having facts and figures. E.g. To learn a language, you need to learn new words, vocabulary, and grammar rules etc.

Having good knowledge does not guarantee success but without knowledge achieving level of excellence is difficult.

To reach to the level of excellence in profession means to have an impact as well as an income.

Skill is about steps in a particular activity. Skill is improved by Practice.

Skill is all about your performance and execution. There are certain steps in a particular activity and when you learn those steps, you learn that particular skill. You learn the skill as per your capability.

Dancing, Public speaking and Video editing etc. are examples of skills. All these activities have certain steps and when you learn those steps, you learn that particular skill. And with practice, you become better at those activities.

Knowledge and skill are just 50% part of your personality and career growth. Other two elements play a major role in your career growth.

Attitude is about behaviour and perception of things. It defines the approach of the person whether positive or negative.

Attitude plays important role in one’s career path. It is attitude that decides the progress in the career path.

One must possess the learning attitude, positive mindset, willingness, high level of acceptance, aspiration and determination to excel in career path. 

“Attitude decides your altitude” – Zig Ziglar

Talent is about innate intelligence and natural aspects of personality. It is the major factor of career strength and it should be idientified in the career counselling process. There are 8 innate intelligences as per Dr. Gardner. You should know your top three intelligences to find your passion.

Talent is related to the Passion and interest of the person. If you miss out on the talent element in the process, you will not be able to select the right career path.

Hence it is very crusial to understand the innate inteligence of the person before giving him the right career option.

Career strength is a combination of your skill, attitude, knowledge and talent. 

You have to work on these four elements before following your Passion. Do pre-planning to develop these elements. Passion is about developing your strength with dedication.

Following the Passion proactively requires a lot of time, hard work, risk taking ability, persistence, dedication, learning attitude, willingness to grow and also awareness about self-potential and limitations.

How to find the talent of the person? How to find the passion?

There are various options to find the talent or innate intelligence of the person and personality type of indvidual.

It helps in selecting the right career option and right career path.

1-Dermatoglyphics Test (Finger Print Test)

2-Psychometric Test

3-Passion Test

4-Strength Finders

5- Online IQ Test

6-Self Analysis

7-Aptitude Test

Also Clinical psychologists help to understand more about personality traits.

If you want to understand more about your personality and want to identify your innate intelligence, you can do one of the tests. The best options are Finger prints analysis, Strength Finders and Passion test.

Dermatoglyphics helps to understand the innate intelligence of person. As per Dr. Gardner there are 8 innate intelligences and his theory is known as Multiple intelligence theory. There are 8 types of multiple intelligences-

1-Intrapersonal Intelligence- It is related to the self connection and self awareness. These people undestand themselves and are aware about their strengths and weaknesses. E.g Teachers, Psychologists, Spiritual leaders etc

2-Interpersonal Intelligence- It is related to the connection with strangers and understanding of other people. It is all about understanding of other people. e.g Leaders, Sales people, Marketing People, HR etc

3-Logical Intelligence- It is also called mathematical-logical intelligence. It is about understanding of things, patterns and relations between different things. It includes different aspects like ability to solve complex mathematical or logical operations. Engineers, CA, Lawyers etc need high level of Logical intelligence.

4-Linguistic Intelligence- This intelligence is related to the ability to use language and  to express oneself. It is all about expressing your inner core. These people understand complex meanings,  order of words,  rhythm etc. Linguistic people are good at reading, writing, and play with words. E.g. Authors, Poet, Lyricist, Journalist etc

5-Visual Intelligence- It is related to the imagination and understanding of different sizes, shapes, colour, speed and distance. These people think in two and three dimensions and in terms of pictures. They are creative people. E.g. Painters, Photographer, Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer etc

6-Musical Intelligence- It is about emotions and selfish love. Musical intelligence is related to the understanding of sound, rhythm, pitch and tone. They can play music by using an instruments. Musical intelligence is also related to your emotions, feelings and love  and expectations. E.g Singers, Musician, Composer, Music Director, Designer etc

7-Kinesthetic Intelligence- It is related to the sports, body energy and physical stamina. It has two parts- Gros motor skills and Fine motor skills. Gross motor skills are related to the whole body movements and body energy. Fine motor skills are related to the movement of individual body parts like hands, face, legs, toe etc. E.g. Sport persons, Dancers, Athelet, Body Builder, Gym Trainer, Corporate Trainer, Belly dancer etc

8-Nauralistic Intelligence-It is related to the selfless love and conection with nature. It has two parts- Observation and Interpretation. These people have excellent observation skills and good understanding of things in nature. They don’t have expectations from people. E.g- Social Worker, Chefs, Bird Watcher, Scientist, Botanist, Zoologist, biologist etc.

When you undergo your dermatoglyphics test, you understand about your top three intelligences. It helps to choose the right career for candidate.

Passion test helps you to find your passion.

These options will help you to know more about yourself and will guide you to find your talent and passion. It will help you to choose a right career path.

“If you want to excel in the career, Do what you love and Follow You Passion”

Ravindra Sapkal

Career Counsellor

What is Career Counselling and different options to select right career ?

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