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Finger Print Test

Finger Print Test is also known as Dermatoglyphics analysis. 

Dermatoglyphics is a ‘scientific’ analysis of fingerprint patterns and their personality traits. 

This is a science which studies the patterns of skin’s (dermal) ridges present on the finger tips. 

Every person has a unique finger print pattern and hence a unique personality. Finger prints analysis helps in understanding a unique inborn potential, intelligence and personality traits. Contact our team for free information.  

Benefits of Finger print test-

1-To identify the talent of a child

2-To select a right career path for students (10th and 12th std)

3-To find your passion and to select a right job role

4-To reduce mental stress and depression*

5-To solve relationship problems

*The finger print analysis is carried out by registered Psychologist and remedies are provided as per the need of an individual. Contact our team for free information.  *

Career Counselling

90% is not equal to Science, 80% is not equal to Commerce and 70% is not equal to Arts.  Marks (%) are not the way to select a career path and most students select their career on the basis of marks. As per Gallup study, more than 80% people are working in the wrong careers. 

Career = Interest + Skills + Knowledge + Innate intelligence + Personality + Hard work

Career decision should be made by considering all these factors. During our counselling sessions, we consider these parameters to guide students and employees. We give different assignments and tests to capture the interest and passion to help students and employees to select the right career path.

Passion Test

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”- Oprah Winfrey

As per one Linked In study, 33% employees change their career or profession every year. One of the reasons is that they don’t get job satisfaction and hence they shift the career path to find more meaningful work.

Passion is all about the things or work which you love doing and you feel energetic after completing the work. If you want happiness and satisfaction in life, you should have happiness in your career. To find happiness in your career, you should find your passion and work on it.

Take Passion Test and Find Your Passion –

Corporate Trainings

We conduct trainings and workshops for Corporates and educational institutes. We are working with few corporates and institutes in Mumbai and Pune. We conduct workshops on following areas

  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Public Speaking
  • Communication Skills
  • Interview Preparation
  • Habit Formation

One to One Coaching

We have team of consultants for guiding students and employees in their career journey. We help them to choose the right career path, right career stream, right job role as per passion and interview hacks.

We help professionals to grow in their career. Contact for free information.

Books, Journal and Events

We have formed the group of like-minded people where we share the knowledge and learnings related to personal development, career growth and happiness. We recommend different books and articles to read and discuss the different ideas. We will update more about book launch and events. If you want to join our group, please contact us for more information.  

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